Past event

The Nepal Earthquake:

a photo exhibition


This event raised over $5000

Venue: Western Sydney University

Date: 19th November, 2015

Time: 5pm


HEART has spent several years researching the heritage of the Langtang Valley which was devastated by the Nepal 7.9 magnitude earthquake in April. Dr Hayley Saul and Assoc. Prof. Emma Waterton were undertaking fieldwork two hours outside the village of Langtang when the earthquake struck. The entire village was obliterated by an avalanche and mudslide that cascaded at high velocity from Langtang Lirung mountain in the aftermath of the quake. It was only with the help and kindness of their local friends that Hayley and Emma escaped the valley with their lives. This exhibition displays the poignant photo archive from their fieldwork in the valley, including collections that illustrate the devastation. Proceeds are contributing towards the construction of a home for the elderly in Langtang, with an attached health post.