Welcome to your tour of mouthwatering mountains

The inspiration for this blog comes after several years of visiting the Nepalese Himalayas, watching talented local cooks preparing amazing dishes from (sometimes few) home-grown ingredients, foraging the forests for delicacies like wild mushrooms, and serving meals that are eligible for Michelin quality restaurants. It is a country of impressive cultural, ecological and culinary diversity, a fact that is often overlooked. Food is a building material of the resilient communities I have worked with, a guest at every festival, and a gift to be shared between everyone. In fact, the way food and cuisine have developed into social fabric, have been grown, and blended, and crafted, is a lens with which to understand Nepalese history and culture more broadly. This and much more is the purpose of this blog: an exploration of the colourful dynamism of Himalayan cuisine, its recipes, history, anthropology, chefs, and archaeology. Welcome to the smorgasboard!



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